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Complete solid state IC design with high accuracy pitch, roll and temperature sensors. Using advanced FM modulation, the system offers advantaged performance compared to current available products in themarket against the noise. The system offers a 0.1% resolution pitch based on advanced MEM technology which will allow sewer applications. Flash memory technology base computer system allows program update. Standard mechanical design makes the transmitter mechanically and electrically compatib
Product features:
Frequency : 30KHz
Power :2 C-cell off shelf batteries.
Batteries Life :12 hrs continuous operation
Depth : 18meters
Roll : 1-12 clock position with half hour resolution.
Pitch :0.1% resolution
Temperature :Under 85 ℃
Weight : 0.68 KG
Dimensions : 3cm(diameter)*38cm(length)
Water Proof: IP67
Manual Download:
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